Experienced investor

Need to streamline your investment strategy to get more bang for your buck?

At Investors Choice Mortgages we get it.

We have worked with thousands of people in giving them the finance solutions through their lending strategies to either continuing to grow their portfolio, access equity for lifestyle or res-structure their lending to remove cross-collaterisation to free them up to continue to invest.

Also with the advanced online educational courses our very experienced investors have used the up to date and relevant resources and cutting edge investing techniques to reassess their own portfolios, remove the dead wood so they can keep moving forward towards their goals.



You may think you have seen it all before but just check out our testimonials from our experienced investors.

We are used to working with investors who have worked with all the property gurus in Australia and they need the personalised service now that they could not get elsewhere. As owners of investment properties already depending on your structure you should check with your accountant about the tax deductibility of our fees.

Investors Choice Mortgages tailors two mortgage services for property investors

Diamond Mortgage Service

The Diamond Service membership gives you access to all the Investors Choice Mortgages loan advice and lending recommendations PLUS the extensive 30 module ‘Your Property Success system’ – the most comprehensive online property investing educational package in Australia.

You will also have lifetime access to Residex requests, an extensive membership area with discounts and tools and webinars to assist you with your long-term education. This is a once-off lifetime access fee for as many loan assessments that you need for not just now but also the future.


Gold Mortgage Service – Investors

One is for the investor just starting out who may have three to five years between purchases – this is the Gold Investor Service.

This is designed just for you. It provides, not only the loan structure to suit first purchases, but also delivers online education through a 7-module course to take you from those 14000+ suburbs down to the 3-5 that will really allow you to start creating property wealth. In addition you will also gain have access to many tools, resources and assistance.

From property inspection checklists to Residex reports (usually valued at $65 each) you will receive all the information you need on a potential property purchase. This includes expected value in five and eight years time, expected price right now (based on an extensive list of recent sales and the details of those properties).

All in all the Gold Investor Service gives you the helping hand you need to make this first purchase truly the cornerstone of your future wealth. You will pay the fee for facilitating the loan structuring service, each time you use the service with a 6 month window covered from our recommendation, ie you may refinance and then get a pre-approval and then purchase within the 6 months,  however you will have access to the education and membership area for the life of your loan.


Still not sure where to start? Try our free Investor Kit.

Maybe you are just at the stage where you are considering investing and you’re not quite sure what to do next. Remember, action is the best way to move forward – we have had many new client enquiries from people who have decided to wait until the market cools, some are still waiting since 2007 – and we all know that property prices have never gone back to the levels they were then. However you may still be wondering if this is truly for you – so why not signup for the free Investor Kit and get a taste test of the resources you will receive in the online education services provided with each of our Gold and Diamond services.