Home buyer

Making your biggest assets work for you

At Investors Choice Mortgages we believe that homebuyers have an opportunity to make their biggest asset – their home – work for them and start creating them wealth. Did you know that most people’s homes are worth double what they paid for them originally, yet they don’t know how to access that money or even how to plan their next purchase so they can buy a property that could achieve that in an even shorter timeframe?

Homebuyers who are upgrading can use an existing home as an investment and with some strategic thinking they can think like an investor and select and assess their new property for its wealth potential.

On one hand, as a homebuyer, you are a little different to most investors because you have an extra dimension you have to consider – convenience. Although there are over 14000 suburbs and towns within Australia based on your work and family commitments you are usually limited to about 20-40 suburbs for your initial research, depending on where you live. However for you to make this property purchase work, you’ll need to know how to research those suburbs and compare them. First, work out how much you can afford as a maximum purchase price then use my Trid3nt Strategy ® so you can understand how your property can create money for you from day one as well as provide a great return on your investment in the medium and long term.



Thinking ahead makes all the difference

As a homebuyer, you’ll need a flexible loan that works with your life. This  means if you decide to turn a well-bought property in an in-demand area into an investment property  – if and when you decide to upgrade and move your lending is setup to allow you to maximise that decision. Census data tells us that although many people plan to stay put when they buy their home, most of us move every 9 years. What most homeowners don’t realise is that by setting your home loan up traditionally, you won’t have the flexibility of being able to convert that property into an investment in the future. This means is that homebuyers often have prevented many of the tax benefits that a finance lending structure built purposefully for their flexibility and specific circumstances would allow. In addition to this the worst thing is by making what would seem a simple choice about types of repayments they can severely effect their cash-flow month to month and worst still make much higher repayments then necessary.

Gold Mortgage Service – Home Buyers

The Gold Home Buyers Mortgage Service is a great choice for homebuyers and will give you not only the loan structure to suit your home purchase but also a 1:1 Strategy call to work out where to buy so you are in prime position to make your next home purchase the key to achieving your property success.

All in all the Gold Home Buyers Mortgage Service gives you the helping hand you need to make your home start working for you in building your wealth.


Still not sure where to start? Try our free video series.

If you are still confused about how your home can start creating your wealth, we’ve put together a 7 part video series, perfect for first home buyers. Originally created for Australian Women’s Weekly readers, this series is seriously packed full of valuable info. These 7 short 8-15 min videos that will take you step by step through the many ways that you can start making your home work for you.