Full support as you grow your property portfolio

At Investors Choice Mortgages we have developed a number of services to assist those wanting to start or grow their property portfolio.

Our Founder and Director, Jane Slack-Smith, did just this for herself and, as a result, built a large multi-million dollar portfolio. Since then, she has developed a comprehensive methodology that allows others to do this as well. Building a successful property portfolio requires two strategies; selecting the right property and finding the right finance lending strategy to assist you as your portfolio grows.

Having worked with thousands of investors she discovered that developing a lending plan and facilitating the mortgages was not enough, Many clients would then go on to select and purchase a property that would restrict their future purchases or cost them money without any considerable capital growth benefits. Jane shares her Trid3nt Strategy ® so you can understand how your property can create money for you from day one as well as provide a great return on your investment in the medium and long term.



Investors Choice Mortgages tailors two mortgage services for property investors.

Gold Mortgage Service – Investors

This is designed just for you. It provides, not only the loan structure to suit first purchases, complete with a 1:1 Strategy Call to help you decide where to buy so that you can focus where to start your search. Complete with access to RPData you will also have the tools to not only conduct your search but generate your own valuations so you can plan your offer price and negotiation strategy (which we can discuss in your call too).

All in all the Gold Investor Service gives you the helping hand you need to make this first purchase truly the cornerstone of your future wealth. You can come back as many times as you want for loans in the future and you will have access to the education and membership area for the life of your loan.



Still not sure where to start? Try our free Investor Kit.

Maybe you are just at the stage where you are considering investing and you’re not quite sure what to do next. Remember, action is the best way to move forward – we have had many new client enquiries from people who have decided to wait until the market cools, some are still waiting since 2007 – and we all know that property prices have never gone back to the levels they were then. However you may still be wondering if this is truly for you – so why not signup for the free Investor Kit and get a taste test of the resources you will receive in the online education services provided with each of our Gold and Diamond services.