Buying Property | Buying a property with your SMSF

Self Managed Super Funds are the new Black. It seems everyone is looking at SMSF’s and who can blame them after the dismal performance of superannuation returns over the last few years. When setting up your SMSF many experts suggest that due to costs you should have no less than $150,000- $200,000 in super. However there are new companies springing up all the time who believe you can cut costs and hence start with less in your Super, so don’t be discouraged.

One of the important things to know is that lending to buy a property in your SMSF can actual be a strategic move – especially for those who have hit their servicing window. However there are some caveats. Call us today to discuss this and if you can use this strategy to supercharge your wealth.

The following websites are handy references if your goal is to understand SMSFs better.

Australian Taxation Office SMSF home page

The ATO is the regulator for the SMSF sector. On its website you’ll find rules on setting up and running an SMSF, as well as information on super contributions, tax implications and starting an SMSF super pension.



A free and independent website on superannuation for consumers. If you would like us to look at how much you can borrow within a SMSF contact us today via the form on the side of this page.