Handy Links

There are many sites dedicated to property buyers and it is often difficult to sort through them. These are some of the best, however if you know of any others you have found useful and think others will too please email them to us at askus@investorschoice.com.au.

Searching for a property

This is a one of a kind Australian real estate search engine! Type in your Suburb and this site collates all the results from most of the property internet sale sites around the country and it then plots them on a map or a satellite picture using Google Earth. Try it out you will be as impressed as I am. If your suburb is not available leave a message and it will usually be added within 24 hours. Now that is service.


This site applies Residex predictive data to properties advertised online for sale.

A solid, hassle-free investment. Defence Housing Australia, a Government Business Enterprise, sells properties to investors with whom a leaseback arrangement has been agreed for a set term.

Checking the value of a property

There is some free information on this site however purchasing one of their modestly priced guides is a wonderful tool to have when trying to decide the property value based on similar sales in the area. This alone has saved me from wasting thousands of dollars on over priced properties – it could even be used as a negotiation tool. The report has lists of prices paid by private treaty and auction for all sales in the past 12 months for most States. If nothing else you can be prepared for auction day.

This another excellent site that uses house resale history to predict property prices and growth area. For a small fee it provides reports on Capital Growth predictions and Rental yields. But be fast they have such a good reputation for their reports that as soon as the report is released investors are in the areas buying.

Professional Services

Nick Moustacas and his team at SWM are familiar with working with property investors. They take the time to define your current goals and future aspirations. SWM is Sydney based but deal with interstate and International clients. Nick regularly speaks at events about Financial Structures and Trusts as well as general tax issues.

Investment Resources

Rather than have calculators on this website I am pointing you to the most up to date calculators, and to the magazine which is a great resource. It includes the latest information on home loans including financial reviews and financial links.

Another great new source of information for investors.

Sensational learning sites

Before I started investing years ago I researched all the sites and software and seminars that would add value. This Forum has a wonderful forum that still today keeps teaching me new things. The contributors are mainly investors with many years of experience who are very generous with their time and knowledge. Anything you need to know about property can be found out through the forum. You might also want to check out the software, if you are not buying multiple properties or cannot justify the expense I can run through scenarios with you during a consultation.

This site was mainly started to promote positive cashflow properties as a wealth creation tool. It has evolved over the last year due to the changing property market and discusses many property investing topics. Many from Somersoft Forum also contribute here.

Investment Resources


First Home Buyers

The links below will direct you to each States specific requirements for qualifying for the First Home Buyers Grant. These links will take you to the relevant page and prevent you wasting valuable time trolling the sites

Guide to the first home owner’s grant and Stamp Duty concessions for purchasers in New South Wales.

Guide to the first home owner’s grant and Stamp Duty concessions for purchasers in Victoria.