Recommended Reads

bookcoverVoted “Mortgage Broker of the Year” and named by Money Magazine as one of Australia’s “Top Ten Finance Experts”, featured in QANTAS magazine’s as one of Australia’s “Top Four Wealth Building Experts”. Jane Slack-Smith takes you on a journey from her own humble beginnings to her stellar success today as a property investor – and how you can get started mapping your pathway to your own personal success.

Her easy to read style and straight to the point techniques will keep you coming back again and again to consult this book as you embark on your own journey to Your Property Success.

Without doubt the second biggest mistake property buyers make is not having enough information. Research research research is going to help you find the methodology and means to best structure and position yourself for the future.

I am an avid reader but I have found that many of the books on the market are dull and clinical, however there are some that tell a story through the authors experience or through the experience of others. These I find the most inspirational and beneficial. However you need the content as well. My suggested reading list only covers a few of the very good books that have helped me be successful in investing.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki

This book and the subsequent books are now considered and institution. A great to way to start reading about why some are wealthy and some aren’t, and how you can choose.

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

First published in 1937, and reprinted many times. A classic that is just as relevant today

The Richest Man Babylon

George S Clason

A book of basic wisdoms told through a parable.

The Millionaire Next door

Stanley/ Danko

This shows that anyone with a steady job can make it and that the characteristics of many millionaires are the same ones you already have.

The 9 steps to Financial Freedom

Suze Orman

This books takes you step by step through the process of breaking through the bad debt in your life and getting an effective savings program in place

Building Wealth through Investment Property

Jan Somers

The first Australian on the list. Jan’s books are easy to read and understand. She shows how to lay out a well planned wealth building strategy.

Ordinary Millionaires

Jim McKnight

Jim has done all the work for us by interviewing 12 ordinary Australians who have created their wealth through property. You to will be amazed at how easy it can be.

Streets Ahead

Monique Wakelin and Richard Wakelin

A step by step guide by two Australians who show how to build your knowledge to be successful in property investment.

Wealth Magic

Peter Spann

From a checkout chick to waterfront properties. Through a number of valuable mentors and hardwork Peter shows anything is possible.

From 0-130 Properties in 3.5 years

Steve McKnight

Steve concentrates on positive cashflow investments, a good story of one way to gain a passive income.

How to Grow a Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio, in your spare time

Michael Yardney

This book is written both for beginners as well as advanced property investors and explains how our next property boom will be Australia’s biggest property boom and possibly our last big boom. Click here for a free chapter »

Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed

Dale Beaumont

This book is designed to enable readers to get up close and personal with top achievers. It is refreshing to hear the stories of those who have made wealth out of their particular property strategy – and each one is completely different. Read more about this book »