Your Home is your Gold Mine

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DVD-CoverIf you are still confused about how your home can start creating your wealth, we’ve put together a 7 part video series, perfect for first home buyers. Originally created for Australian Women’s Weekly readers, this series is seriously packed full of valuable info. Sign up and receive 7 short 8-15 min videos that will take you step by step through the many ways that you can start making your home work for you.


In this introductory video for a series Jane Slack-Smith made for Australian Women's Weekly, Jane tells us a little bit about herself, and what you can expect from the next seven videos.

Module 1

If you own a home, or plan to own a home in the future, there are a few strategies you can apply to turn your home into your very own gold mine. In this video Jane gives an overview of the strategies that will be covered in later videos.

Module 2

In this video we refocus on your goals for the future. Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life? Are you on track to achieve the goals you set out for yourself? You may like to have a pen and paper handy for this video.

Module 3

Now that you have re-established your goals, Jane talks about how you can use renovation to help you achieve them.

Module 4

In this video Jane discusses how to make your next home really work for you. Even if you haven't made your first home purchase yet, this video will help you to make the right decision when you do.

Module 5

We've already established that life can get in the way of achieving the goals we set out for ourselves. In this video, Jane discusses how you can turn one gold mine into multiple gold mines - and how to take the fear out of buying an investment property.

Module 6

It's common to purchase a house and then lose sight of the overall property market. Many people are genuinely shocked years later to hear what their home is actually worth. In this video Jane discusses how you can utilise your gold mine now.

Module 7

We've explored some very exciting ideas about accessing your gold mine, and in this video Jane wrap's it all up. Don't just focus on your future - remember to focus on your road to success!