Gold Package

Each of our Services, Gold and Diamond includes your tailored Lending Assessment, current mortgage audit and recommendations along with additional resources and tools to assist you.

The Gold Package for a once of fee of $495 includes:

  • Advanced Lending Assessment
  • Five Residex reports (either Comparative Market Assessments for a property or Suburb reports) valued at $450
  • 'Goal Setting' recording valued at $150
  • Quarterly Residex report for your State (valued at $59 each ie $236)
  • An Anniversary Residex report on your property (valued at $90)
  • Starter online investor course, 7 modules complete with workbooks (RRP $495)
  • For those with an Approval in Principal that typically lasts 3 months - we cover 3 months access to CoreLogic's RP Data Professional search and valuation software (complete with tutorial videos) to assist you with your purchase (RRP $150pm)
  • 15min Deal Analysis. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes to look over the property you want to purchase. Jane will review your property against your buying criteria (RRP $125)



IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of January 2016 the Gold Package Fee is a once off fee

We provide our Gold clients with the market leading Residex reports for specific properties and or Suburbs/Towns. These reports are worth $65 – $90 each when bought through Residex. You can use these reports on a particular property – even your home – to work out what the value really is, and more importantly what comparable property prices are. This will give you the opportunity to better gauge the real value of the property so as not to rely on what the real estate agent tells you. Gold members also get access to the monthly updated Residex reports and quarterly Local Government Reports giving you an advantage in your research and in keeping track of your investments.

You can even use these reports as negotiations tools. Importantly they will tell you about the demographics and the expected capital growth and rental yield of an area. Plus, each quarter for a year after the anniversary of your loan settling you will receive an up-to-date Market Report from Residex on your States performance and predicted growth. These reports keep you informed on what you need to know about the factors that are economically driving your property.

In addition, on the anniversary of your loan you will receive an updated Residex report for your property so you can look at the recent sales, the upgraded sale price of your property and you will be able to see any opportunities you may have to access equity for your next purchase or personal use.

Jane Slack-Smith recently ran seminars for property investors, of which only 20 participants qualified to attend. Participants paid up to $1995 for these 2 day seminars. This Goals Setting recording of the first day of the seminar sets the scene and takes the participants through a process to assist them in setting and achieving their goals. This is a must for anyone determined on creating their own future success.

Jane Slack-Smith is the Founder of Your Property Success and after more than ten years of developing her own multi-million dollar portfolio and teaching others to do the same, she created an opportunity to share her knowledge and experience by establishing online courses. You will be given access to her 7 Module Executive Course valued at $495 and not available publicly. Depending on if you are an investor, home upgrader or first home buyer you will be given access to the course that most suits your needs. You can download the course manual and workbook as well as your final blueprint as a pdf, Kindle or iPad version and complete the course when it suits you. The bonus e-books, videos and checklists alone will get you quickly to a point where you are able to buy the right property at the right price.

How it Works:

One you decide which service suits you we will send you a Fact Finder, along with a copy of our Privacy Statement and Credit Guide and an engagement letter. You return the signed fact finder, your budget, your last 3 payslips, the engagement letter completed with your preferred payment option. We will also need your authority to obtain your credit file as well (so there are no nasty surprises!).

Once payment is received, you get immediate access to the resources and couse and we then have an experienced mortgage broker contact you and introduce themselves. They will clarify any queries they may have with your information as provided. At this stage you will also get access to the Executive course that suits your needs. You may want to meet with the mortgage broker, this can be arranged however most of our clients throughout Australia are keen on moving forward and often are comfortable to keep in contact using email, Skype, phone or fax.

They will look at your current position, needs and your future plans. Then they will work with the lender products, services and policies and calculate the lending options that may suit your requirements. They will liaise with the lenders directly and the recommendations you receive will have been through a stringent process so that we know that (given the information you have provided) any loan structure recommended will be viewed favourably by them so there is little chance of a decline or any issues. This streamlines the entire process and is one of the reasons ICM do not have our loans declined!

You will receive a Personal Lending Plan and lender recommendation and if you have a current lender we will always include their product as a comparison. We will not refinance or move your loans if it is not necessary and your current lender is providing what you need to fit your long term goals. You will receive this report by email and your broker will organise a time to discuss it with you and answer your questions.

Once the loan structure and product is decided, you will receive a Credit Product Disclosure document which highlights the specific loan details, monthly repayments and any fees and charges you will incur. We also send details on any commissions we receive as well as the Credit Quote detailing all costs, ie your package fee.

Then our loan support team will take over and send you your loan application with the lender of choice for you to check and sign. They will also make sure that you have provided all your supporting documents so that the application goes through seamlessly. You will expect to get updates every two days on your application and if you are purchasing and have a finance agreement then you will receive daily updates. Your mortgage broker and loan support officer will be available throughout the loan process to answer any questions, queries or concerns.

Know you are in good hands and we will be working in the background dealing directly with the lender, answering their questions, chasing your application to get approval in a timely manner, chasing valuations and mortgage insurers if required – so you don’t have too. We take the pain out of the process so you can concentrate on your new property and getting on with your life. We make sure that your loan settles on time.

Once your loan has settled we will provide you with information on the loan and keep you up to date with your loan and any relevant information.