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At Investors Choice Mortgages we pride ourselves on going the extra mile.

At Investor’s Choice Mortgages we understand that you not only need the right loan, you also need the right property to achieve your goals and be a successful property investor. We have a number of additional services you might want to consider but our Award Winning Silver Service is free.

We’ve developed a range of tools and resources to help our clients become the most successful property buyers they can be. All our services clients ie Silver, Gold and Diamond get a one on one buying and portfolio strategy call with Jane Slack-Smith and National access to RPData Professional when a pre-approved loan is in place.

From your first home through to your 10th+ investment property, we have a service that provides everything you need so you receive not only the right lending structure but also the resources to achieve your goals.

Get started by contacting us today just click here and we will organise a time convenient for you to start our discussion. Don't worry you don't need to upgrade to Gold or Diamond if you don't need that extra support but I want to show you what these services involve so you can opt into them later if you require them, but first lets get your how an initial discussion and get your loan assessment and Personal Lending Plan completed.

If you are an existing client looking for further services, please click here to get in touch.

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It is your choice of how much of our services you need so we can target our
recommendations, resources and assistance to your needs.

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