3 ways to make money with a property

Most people only have one property investing strategy and they take a stab at buying the right property at the right price to get them to the goal they want…

Clever people have a back-up strategy so that if one of the strategies doesn’t work, then they have a strategy to fall back on.

My Trid3nt Strategy is a three-pronged, low-risk strategy. It gives you Plan A, B, and C. Just in case one goes wrong, you have two more to fall back on.

You now have three property investing strategies that can work together as well. So what are the three strategies?

First of all, making money when you buy. Do your research, know how to negotiate, and buy below the market value.

Second, create money out of thin air, by creating equity through a renovation, which also allows you to push the rent up!

Finally, buying in an area that is set for high capital growth. This will make you money in the long term. And that’s the Trid3nt Strategy

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