Why Use a Broker

A mortgage broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between loan customers and the lending institutions who offer their mortgage products. In some instances mortgage brokers specialise, for instance an investment mortgage broker specialises in appropriate lending finance for those buyers seeking to purchase an investment property whilst considering their long term portfolio goals. So the best mortgage broker for first home buyers or home buyers may not be the best mortgage broker for investment properties. You need to know what services you need first and then look for an experienced mortgage broker who can assist you. One thing many people think is that the mortgage broker needs to be in their suburb. The reality is that this is not the case. You can work remotely with your mortgage broker. In fact at Investors Choice Mortgages we work with clients from all over the world, some we have assisted with more than 5 purchases without ever meeting them. We often liaise remotely with their solicitors, buyers agents and real estate agents as well.

A specialist investment mortgage broker can add value to your investment property purchase because they continuously keep up to date with ever changing details of the vast and sometime complicated range of finance options currently available for investment property buyers. For instance borrowing in Trust structures, commercial property, buying within Self Managed Super Funds, building granny flats or even investing in the NRAS type investment. An investment mortgage broker will have a good understanding of the criteria on which lenders will assess investment property finance application and will have an understanding of possible future directions in the marketplace.

By using an investment mortgage broker for both your home and investment needs you should be confident that he or she knows and understands the range of finance options best suited for purchasing and getting the best value out of your situation now and giving you the flexibility for the future. Employing this specialist with up to the minute knowledge can save you not only time, but also help make the often difficult process of searching for and getting approved for the right loan a whole lot smoother.

Using an investment mortgage broker would also be a good option for first home buyers who may be on a limited budget and may benefit from viewing their first home purchase an initial step towards building an investment property portfolio, i.e. a first home will not necessarily be the home you end up in for the long term, it may be just a stepping stone towards future financial security through property investment.

Mortgage brokers are compensated by the lending institution in the form of an upfront and trail commission. Some specialist mortgage brokers like Investors Choice Mortgages charge an initial fee, like an engagement fee, as you can see in our Services offerings this fee is returned as a settlement gift on completion of the loan. The purpose of this fee is to ensure we can give the care and attention to those who are serious about their finance requirements. Unlike the majority of mortgage brokers we believe at Investors Choice Mortgages we have the skills experience and know how to offer additional services and educational products. Hence you will find a number of different service offerings. The decision is yours if you need these additional services or not, the choice is yours.