Benefits of Buying Property

Approximately 30% of Australians live in rental properties.

Mainly because many people struggle to afford to buy where they want to live.

But things have changed, with just a 5% deposit and in most cases a reduced or even no Stamp duty it can be cheaper than you think to buy.

Here are 3 reasons why buying now makes sense.

1. If you buy in an area that is growing in value, then you are building equity in your property and wealth for your future.

2. At the right time, you can access this equity for other major purchases.

Plus, it can act as an emergency fund to help you if you find yourself in a bind.

3. When you rent, all the money you spent goes to an investor.

That means you’re not building your own savings through equity, what you need to do to achieve what you want in life.

Yes, we’ve seen price declines in several major cities, but they are now rebounding.

Those declines come on the back of several years of huge growth.

And over the long term, your property is much more likely to grow in value.

However the key is to buy in the right location at the right time.

Anyone who’s rented before knows how restrictive it can be.

You should have the freedom to do what you want in your own home.

That freedom comes from buying.

You’re creating a more stable environment for yourself that you have full control over.

The problem is that so many young Australians feel like they can’t buy that first property.

But we can help you to access the Grants and Stamp Duty Concessions your entitled to.

That will help you find the property that you want, and even where you want, without all the costs you might expect.

And if you follow our five-step framework, you can be a homeowner. Join our First Home Buyers community /