Benefits of Buying Property

Many Australians avoid buying property.  People believe that they simply can’t afford to buy. Instead, they rent property just to live in the location of their dreams.

While renting may be cheaper in the short term, it gives you less control over your life and your finances.

Every dollar that you spend on rent is a dollar that’s going into the pocket of somebody else.

It’s dead money. Once you’ve spent it, there’s no getting it back. But if you own your own property, you’re building equity. 

Every mortgage payment that goes into the house gives you a little extra to work with. You keep more of the money that you spend. 

Plus, you have the option to release that equity so that you can use it to fund other purchases.

Buying gives you stability. 

You own the property, so you’re not living based on somebody else’s rules or time frames.

Investors Choice Mortgages offers a five-step framework to help you turn the tables and become an investor yourself.

With us, you can find and buy the ideal first property in six months to one year (depending on the State or Territory). 

If you would like to learn more about the Framework visit our Facebook Group where we teach each of the steps to get you to Your Property Success.