Episode 1 of The First Home Buyers Show – The 5 Step Framework for Financial Freedom

This is Episode 1 of The First Home Buyers Show – Where first home buyers go to watch their wealth grow!

Episode 1 of The First Home Buyers Show- The 5 Step Framework for Financial Freedom

If you are someone who is looking to buy their first home… you know it can be overwhelming, and even… scary. I have a friend who told me she was terrified about picking up the phone to make the call to ask questions, and really didn’t even know who to ask.

We covered all aspects of buying your first home and show how you can make it the foundation of your financial security!

In this Episode we start with the overview of the Financial Freedom Framework

# Set It, this is about getting your one year plan and your three year vision in place, understanding what you need to do in the next 12 months to secure that property, and then what you need to do to afford it going forward. 

And then we need to:

#Set It we need to get your budget set up, know what you can afford to live off, know what you can save, make sure we do all the credit checks and get your loan set up so it’s ready for you to be able to take action when you’re ready to source it.

#Source It is knowing how much you can afford, where you can buy, and buying in the best possible place that’s going to give you capital growth and equity, so there you can move on and get on with life. 

#Slam It this is all about negotiation, this is about doing pest and building inspections, this is about conveyancers who are just gonna get it done for you so you don’t have to worry about it. This is slamming it, so that you can move on.

My secret optional segment is:

#Supersize It, this is for those people who want to live in the property, potentially renovate it, maybe throw a granny flat on, maybe make it a multi-residence for when they move out.

Then when they move out, they are going to just:

#Stash It away, because they’ve sourced it the right way, they’ve put it in the right area, so that they can actually have it making money for them. 

So that is the Framework, I’ve revealed to you the whole six segments.

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