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Jane Slack-Smith is regularly interviewed and quoted in the media.  She has had numerous articles in Money Magazine, Smart Property Investments, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, and many others.

Here are just a few of the articles published by Jane or about Jane and Investor’s Choice Mortgages.

Jane Slack-Smith was named by Money Magazine as one of Australia’s Top 10 Finance Experts and Qantas Magazine recognised her as one of the 4 top wealth creators in Australia, along with John Simmons and Paul Clitheroe. She is committed to improving the financial literacy of Australians and she regularly appears in publications, podcasts and TV to promote the message that buying the right property at the right price is possible if you know how. Here is a selection of the material she has recently contributed too.


Recent Posts:


Buying your first home: 5 property experts share how they did it

17 May 2021

“I had a miserly $45,000, and after stamp duty was taken from this amount, I was left with a 5% deposit for a $425,000 purchase” Read about the first property purchases of Cate Bakos, Cherie Barber, Chris Gray, Bryce Holdaway and me! – Read more


Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine – August 2013

The top 4 tips I have learnt when renovating my 7 properties that will get you to those goals faster.


Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine – September 2013

How to use the techniques of successful property investors when you choose your next home.


Money Magazine – October 2013

So how can you retire on $60kpa? Well it all depends on when you start. Those in their 20’s have time on their hands but not a lot of funds to invest. If we fast forward to those in their 50’s the opposite is true. I also shared with readers some tips on how mortgage brokers can assist you. There are some lender policies to do with fixed rates, buying off the plan and reducing your mortgage insurance premiums that I am sure you will enjoy. Also check out the list of houses and suburbs, courtesy of RPData. They list the lowest median valued properties within 10km of the CBD. Finally a great article on how to sell your home, it would seem that auctions are not always in your best interest.


Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine – October 2013

Your Property Success with renovation 2 IPs and 1 reno $1million

In the next instalment we’re going to discuss a strategy that will skyrocket the growth of your gold mine. In fact, we’re going to talk about how you can start to build multiple gold mines, and put them to work for you.


Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine – November 2013

Accessing the gold in your gold mine

I show you how you can buy an investment property without any savings by using your existing gold mine, yep your home.