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Jane Slack-Smith is regularly interviewed and quoted in the media.  She has had numerous articles in Money Magazine, Smart Property Investments, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, and many others.

Here are just a few of the articles published by Jane or about Jane and Investor’s Choice Mortgages.

Jane Slack-Smith was named by Money Magazine as one of Australia’s Top 10 Finance Experts and Qantas Magazine recognised her as one of the 4 top wealth creators in Australia, along with John Simmons and Paul Clitheroe. She is committed to improving the financial literacy of Australians and she regularly appears in publications, podcasts and TV to promote the message that buying the right property at the right price is possible if you know how. Here is a selection of the material she has recently contributed too.


Your Investment Property Magazine – March 2019

Interested in how to buy an investment grade property and why now is a time you should think seriously about doing it? Then check out my article in Your Investment Property Magazine.

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Your Investment Property Magazine – December 2017

I was very fortunate to be featured in Your Property Magazine called sharing is caring; through my investment journey I am able to help others in quest for property investment success and realise their dream goals.

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Your Investment Property Magazine – December 2016

Thank you to those who nominated and voted for me as Australia’s Property Investment Adviser of the Year! As this is based on the quality of the nominations and reasons why the person was nominated, and not just a number count, I really appreciate the highly commended award!

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Your Investment Property Magazine – August 2017

Buying this year, have a look at some mortgage tips to make your money work harder as we navigate the new lending landscape as lending criteria’s tighten. We lend some tips on how we can make your loans work for you.

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