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Jane Slack-Smith is regularly interviewed and quoted in the media.  She has had numerous articles in Money Magazine, Smart Property Investments, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, and many others.

Here are just a few of the articles published by Jane or about Jane and Investor’s Choice Mortgages.

Jane Slack-Smith was named by Money Magazine as one of Australia’s Top 10 Finance Experts and Qantas Magazine recognised her as one of the 4 top wealth creators in Australia, along with John Simmons and Paul Clitheroe. She is committed to improving the financial literacy of Australians and she regularly appears in publications, podcasts and TV to promote the message that buying the right property at the right price is possible if you know how. Here is a selection of the material she has recently contributed too.


Domain – September 2014

Tips for first home buyers to get their loan approved. Here are a few ways on how do you position yourself as an ideal borrower. This article is written by Belinda Gadd who is an experienced journalist, columnist and features writer.

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Money Magazine – September 2014

What is the best way to help my daughter buy a home? Which inner city Melbourne areas offer good value and have potential for gains? Can you explain the advantages of co-owning? these are some of the questions Jane answers in this article.

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Money Magazine – August 2014

This month is a cracker! The cover story is all about Renovation and better yet it deals with Flipping as a renovation strategy. Now that is when you buy a property, renovate and sell quickly, usually within 12 months. I share one of my renovation stories on how I added $140,000 in value with a 10 day $14,000 renovation. I also share in detail the mortgage/lending restrictions you need to be aware of and finally share how to locate the right area to pull off this strategy. Here is a hint it is all about Pricing Disparity between the renovated and unrenovated properties.

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Australian Property Investor Magazine – July 2014

In my opinion a successful property investor understands that they need capital growth AND rental yield to build and be able to exit a property portfolio. This month API looks at 90 suburbs with over 6%pa rental yield. If you take into account that you can now lock in interest rates at 5.29%pa for 5 years then you are looking at a property that doesn’t cost you a lot. However remember the long term game there is no point in having a property that makes you $10pw if it is not going up in value.

In ‘Ask the Expert’ this month I share my thoughts on buying houses or apartments and what I consider. Also check out the ‘Weird and Wacky Property Laws’. I added a few that I’ve come across in my years investing. I am sure some of these will shock you.

It is tax time again so don’t miss Julia Hartman’s list of 15 tax time bloopers.

This month you can check out my response to a reader’s question: “Should they sell their non-performing property in Gladstone?” I even offer readers to contact me to get the research I used including which include comments from my friend Terry Ryder CEO of Hotspotting to explain why. Many people have emailed me to get access to that information if you would like it too let me know.

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