Investors Choice Mortgages In The Media


Jane Slack-Smith is regularly interviewed and quoted in the media.  She has had numerous articles in Money Magazine, Smart Property Investments, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, and many others.

Here are just a few of the articles published by Jane or about Jane and Investor’s Choice Mortgages.

Jane Slack-Smith was named by Money Magazine as one of Australia’s Top 10 Finance Experts and Qantas Magazine recognised her as one of the 4 top wealth creators in Australia, along with John Simmons and Paul Clitheroe. She is committed to improving the financial literacy of Australians and she regularly appears in publications, podcasts and TV to promote the message that buying the right property at the right price is possible if you know how. Here is a selection of the material she has recently contributed too.


Australian Property Investor Magazine – June 2014

Packed! I have no idea how these guys keep coming up with new topics and segments that have me glued to the magazine for hours! This month is no different. If you are looking for motivation as well as some step by steps on how to do it then this month features even more case studies of people who are actively building very impressive portfolios. This month they profile someone from every generation – after all it is never too later…or too early to start. Speaking of which I had my first enquiry for a loan from an 17 year old young man this week. Imagine where you could be if you started that early with that much focus?

I love the “Open for inspection” section which has property experts pitted against each other in assessing one property in each State. Would they buy or walk? You find out how they come to their decisions. The section on tax bloopers is also important. We often hear what to do but not what not to do, this is a great read.

This month you can check out my response to a reader’s question: “Should they sell their non-performing property in Gladstone?” I even offer readers to contact me to get the research I used including which include comments from my friend Terry Ryder CEO of Hotspotting to explain why. Many people have emailed me to get access to that information if you would like it too let me know.

Australian Property Investor Magazine – May 2014

We all want to know the next hotspot. The cover story this month talks about the key factors you should consider for your own research. One indicator that many miss when looking at an area is the average income, for those buying renovating and selling this is a must to consider for areas with tight affordability it can also indicate capacity to pay more rent. Don’t forget this when you are locating your next hotspot. Speaking of hotspots –is it too late to buy in Sydney? I contribute to this article and explain why it is not too late for the savvy investor. Check it out on page 82. The article on how stamp duty is calculated on private sales and how you can get stung later. Each State is covered on how this is assessed and it’s a great resource to keep on hand. Actually there are so many articles to devour just grab the mag this month. Everything from investor stories, how to get out of a signed contract of sale, infrastructure plans in Brisbane and where to buy…the list is extensive. This month API has a new Editor and Eynas who has held the reigns for many a year has moved on. What a wonderful magazine developed under her leadership. Now Nicola McDougall takes over. Welcome. I look forward to the next era.

Australian Property Investor Magazine – April 2014

This month the focus is on where to by and Residex has provided a list of suburbs that they think have the most potential. Check out the article on how property experts assessed a particular property listing and if they thought the property was a good investment or not. The variety of opinions is interesting.

I was asked to provide my thoughts on a particular property in Sydney. I was unfamiliar with the Sydney suburb, and based in another State. As I teach my students you can do 80% of the research online. Armed with comparable sales, predicted growth, population trends, demographic information, google earth, local council growth plans, infrastructure plans you can quickly assess the Deal or No Deal of most properties. If the numbers stack up then it is inspection time so don’t feel you can’t buy interstate it is possible and you maybe missing out on opportunity.

Money Magazine – March 2014

Paul Clitheroe answers a 24 yr olds first home buyers questions about using the government FHSA initiative. If you are considering this option check out the article. There is also a handy summary of the discounts for first home buyers State by State. As well as an article on how your parents can help you buy.

There is a great article on releasing equity from your home and buying with a small deposit. Make sure you check out page 42. In this article I was asked to discuss positive cash flow and negative gearing and which strategy suits different types of investors.

Australian Property Investor Magazine – March 2014

How would you like to make a year’s salary out of property? This month API interviews people who did just that. The wonderful Wendy Chamberlain shares her story on how she even did this in her SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund).

Then check out my article on how to choose a mortgage broker. There is a fabulous article on cross- collaterisation and also what actually happens behind closed doors on settlement day. This edition is bursting at the seams with great information. I found the speculation on the proposed underground

transport tunnel in Brisbane really interesting. Something those buying in Brissy should read before they buy.

I appear in 2 more articles in API this month, how to negotiate a real estate agents costs and also I answer a readers question on “is it time to fix rates” and “is the structure being suggested too complex”. Ok the final must read article is by Bernard Salt. He shares the findings on long term property growth in Melbourne and Sydney based on the recently released long term plans. If you own or plan to buy in these cities don’t miss this.