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Jane Slack-Smith is regularly interviewed and quoted in the media.  She has had numerous articles in Money Magazine, Smart Property Investments, the Australian Property Investor Magazine, and many others.

Here are just a few of the articles published by Jane or about Jane and Investor’s Choice Mortgages.

Jane Slack-Smith was named by Money Magazine as one of Australia’s Top 10 Finance Experts and Qantas Magazine recognised her as one of the 4 top wealth creators in Australia, along with John Simmons and Paul Clitheroe. She is committed to improving the financial literacy of Australians and she regularly appears in publications, podcasts and TV to promote the message that buying the right property at the right price is possible if you know how. Here is a selection of the material she has recently contributed too.


Australian Property Investor Magazine – February 2014

Just go to page 22 and read the story about the man and the plan to exit his portfolio that I covered in my intro this month. You can read my comments on page 12 regarding the question “Is the Great Australia Dream of homeownership dead?” and on page 41 I take on the topic of how first-time buyers can crack the market. If there is one magazine you need to get this month this is it!

Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine – January 2014

This month I have contributed again to AWW as a property and finance expert showing home owners the three ways they can use their home to create wealth. After all I believe thatYour Home isYour Gold Mine waiting as an untapped resource to assist you achieving your goals. Watch the final of my 7 video series on the Money page where I sum it all up and bring together how home owners truly can make their own start working for them

Australian Property Investor Magazine – January 2014

This month API put me in their hot seat, check out the article. I discuss fixing rates, where to buy in 2014, why I buy in capital cities and when a pre-approval can stop your portfolio in its tracks.

I have to admit the ‘mung bean’ effect is the craze that I (and my clients) must of missed. Apparently where the hippies go and set up green communities others follow and prices rise. I’m not convinced but apparently the numbers stack up, you decide.

Don’t miss the great reader stories, the young UK policemen that saw opportunity whilst on holiday, worked hard, saved a deposit, grabbed the government grant and then built a portfolio before he is 30 is great! Of course the cover story is a must, what 2014 has in store for us, there is just too much to cover, just get the magazine for yourself.

One more article in API – you can’t miss! Do you get confused with all the data out there? APM, SQM, Reside, RPData? I do and I know these guys, so I found the article that interviews then all and explains the differences one not to be missed.

The Period Home Renovator – 2013

Our first renovation was a 1860 Terrace in Carlton Melbourne. In the 2013 Magazine The Period Home Renovator – they profiled the renovation extensively.

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The Period Home Renovator – 2013

In the 2013 Magazine The Period Home Renovator I discuss the techniques from my book Your Property Success with Renovation – 2 properties, 1 renovation, $1 million in the bank”, how to manage a renovation.

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