Episode 6 of The First Home Buyers Show – Money Mindset

If you have disagreements with the people that you love the most about money, maybe it is because you are speaking a different language.

Now, we have uncovered eight money archetypes.

Episode 6 of The First Home Buyers Show – Money Mindset

Now with each money archetype, there comes strengths and gifts and then challenges. Understanding what the top three money archetypes are for you means that you can understand how you can use those strengths and your gifts but also work on your challenges.

Here’s the really important thing that you need to know about your money archetypes, and that is, if you interact with anyone else in the world, whether at work or whether at home, then often you’re gonna find that your money archetype is different from anyone else’s, so what does that mean? Well, this can create conflict. This can create a lot of issues at work and at home.

Understanding what your money archetype is and how you bring yourself to the world and you deal with money is often a issue when you have someone in your life and especially a spouse who has a completely different money archetype.

So I really suggest that you go and download the survey and do this, not just yourself, but do it with your partner as well, or maybe even your whole work team, and go and have a look at what your money archetypes are.

Check out the top three, because they’re essentially the board of directors that are going to be the ones making most of the decisions in your life.

Now, if you’re like me, it gave me an amazing insight on how I deal with money, not just for myself, but also with my son and my husband, and at work and with my work colleagues, and just having that extra insight gave me a little extra information and I think once you actually have done the survey, you’ve gone back and listened to the strengths and the gifts and the challenges of each of these money archetypes, you’re actually gonna get a whole better idea about where you fit in.

It’s also a bit of a game in actually watching your friends and family and trying to guess what they are as well. So, I encourage you to head over to Learn with Jane Slack-Smith at the Facebook page, watch the entire episode, episode six, which is gonna go through all the money archetypes and give you a better understanding and if you’d like to join Natalie with her course, Manifesting Abundance (Course for just $297) please go to www.investorschoice.com.au/manifest In 2019 if you use PRE-EVENT you get a $25 discount

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Download the quick survey and be reminded when we are live by typing MONEY on the post below of the full video and get ready to find out what your Money Archetype reveals about you.

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