Professional Building Inspections

Once you’ve sourced the ideal property, you need to have a professional building inspector examine the property before you put pen to paper and sign on the dotted line. There’s still the potential for something to go wrong with the purchase. 

There may be issues hiding away that you can’t see for yourself…

Think of the property inspection fee as an investment into your own peace of mind. If the inspection turns up no issues, you can move ahead with confidence.

If it does find an issue, you’ve just saved yourself thousands of dollars in repair fees that you’d have to pay once you bought the property. You might even be able to use it as a negotiation tool to get a lower price, I did with my first property!

A building inspection gives you that peace of mind. It shows you that the structure is sound.

It also highlights any safety issues that will affect your purchase.

That’s why it’s always good to talk to people who understand your position and can provide great advice. 

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