Gold Package

We are committed to your property success and that is why there is additional support to help you get to your property goals sooner.

Our Mortgage Services, includes your tailored Game Plan, current mortgage audit and personal Strategy Call and for pre-approved clients access to RPData National for the duration of the pre-approval.

Your Gold Membership gets you access too:

    • 12mths access to Your Property Success Club. Access to 10 short property investing online video courses, Access to our amazing private Facebook community. Check out all the details here of this amazing Club (RRP $687pa) More details here
    • Access to the Your Property Success Monthly group mentoring call (RRP $97pm) and access to a backlog of over 4 years of Q&A calls

Jane Slack-Smith is the Founder of Your Property Success and after more than 20 years of developing her own multi-million dollar portfolio, and teaching others to do the same she created an opportunity to share her knowledge and experience by creating on-line courses. These are specifically for investors.


Do you need more?

If you are an advance property investor and you need a higher level of personalised assistance there is a number of options available including our Suburb Selection Service (giving you laser focus on where to look for your next investment, yes we do all the research and show you which 3 suburbs and where in those suburbs to buy) or Property Selection Service where we engage a buyers agent, brief them and manage the entire process based on the Suburb Selection we come up with personalised for you. In addition mentoring is available however only to ten people a year. This involves one-on-one time with Jane Slack-Smith to work through your plan, and whatever your property investing needs require, as well as much more. This is by application only for more information click here

So what next?

Once you decide to work with us let’s kick things off with a call. So we can decide how we can best assist you

Book a time by clicking this link

After that call you will be sent access to an online Fact Finder to complete, along with a copy of our Privacy Statement and our Credit Guide. Once you complete the online portal with all your information we get started on a Research Brief that suits your requirements whilst upholding the requirements of the 2021 Best Interest Duty Legislation. At this stage we also need your authority to obtain your credit file as well (so there are no nasty surprises!). This does not register as an inquiry on the file.

At any time you can also decide to upgrade to the Diamond Service or other services and get access to all the tools available if you need it.

We support the Best Interest Duty Legislation and although we always have and will act in the best interest of our clients we are glad that this is now expected from our industry.

So how do we go about working out what is in your interests?

Our mortgage brokers will look at your current position, needs and your future plans. Then they will work with the lender products, services and policies and calculate the lending options that may suit your requirements. They will liaise with the lenders directly and the recommendations you receive will have been through a stringent process so that we know that (given the information you have provided) any loan structure recommended will be viewed favourably by them so there is little chance of a decline or any issues. This streamlines the entire process and is one of the reasons ICM do not have our loans declined!

You will receive a Research Brief complete with lender recommendations, if you have a current lender we will always include their product as a comparison if they still suit your needs. We will not refinance or move your loans if it is not necessary and your current lender is providing what you need to fit your long-term goals. You will organise a time to discuss this plan with you over the phone and to answer your questions.

Once the loan structure and product is decided, you will receive a Credit Product Disclosure document which highlights the specific loan details, monthly repayments and any fees and charges you will incur. We also send details on any commissions we receive as well as the Credit Quote detailing all anticipated costs.

Then our loan support team will take over and send you your loan application with the lender of choice for you to check and sign. They will also make sure that you have provided all your supporting documents so that the application goes through seamlessly. You will expect to get updates every two days on your application and if you are purchasing and have a finance agreement then you will receive daily updates. Your mortgage broker and loan support officer will be available throughout the loan process to answer any questions, queries or concerns.

Know you are in good hands and we will be working in the background dealing directly with the lender, answering their questions, chasing your application to get approval in a timely manner, chasing valuations and mortgage insurers if required – so you don’t have too. We take the pain out of the process so you can concentrate on your new property and getting on with your life. We make sure that your loan settles on time.

Once your loan has settled we will provide you with information on the loan and keep you up to date with your loan and any relevant information.