This was our second time trying out a broker – the first was a disaster. But ICM has now converted us to using a broker as it is much more efficient having experienced brokers who personalize your situation, rather than being a number at the bank. We will definitely use ICM again. Jane was great in helping us achieve the loan structure we wanted.

Irene & Christopher, Preston , VIC

We didn’t think we could build our property portfolio whist living overseas. However the on-line education and resources allowed us to stay up to date with the Australia market and the tools showed us how 90% of our research was possible from anywhere. The step by step education gave us the knowledge and resources to find the properties to grow our portfolio and the loans and finance recommendations were taken care of. Just one less thing to worry about, even when trying to buy from overseas with a 30-day contract. Even though we were located overseas for years we knew that Investors Choice was able to assist us quickly and in some cases had documents couriered overnight so we could settle on-time. If you want the right team to help you then you found them.

J Dudley, Vancouver, Canada

I have heard a lot of stories about brokers working for themselves in trying to receive higher commissions rather than obtaining the best rate for the client. Investors Choice Mortgages were committed to delivering the right deal for me and they negotiated a better interest rate than publicly available. As a first time property investor, to have a group of experienced investors facilitating the process and being able to answer all my questions took all the pressure out of my experience. I would recommend Investors Choice Mortgages to anyone looking for a highly professional service. Over the years Investors Choice Mortgages has been there every step of the way whilst I grew my property portfolio.

Tanya, Houston, USA

We spent several months looking for a property. Jane was with us every step of the way. Service is excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable and responsive.

Breed & Kerry, Hawthorn, VIC

Jane helped enormously with our complex financial situation, her knowledge of financing helped us to re-evaluate our position and now we have a fabulous home to live in. She worked hard to get pre-approval of funds so we could sign a 30-day contract with confidence. Her tools and resources allowed us to buy our first and subsequent investment properties with confidence, in good growth areas with great rental returns which is getting us to our goals sooner.

Darren, Morayfield, Qld