Your Property Inspection

Have you found your potential first property? Good for you! When you visit the property, be sure to use our checklist, and pay special attention to the following:

Make note of the time of your visit, the age of the property, and its address. The age and location are especially important as these will help you research the local market.

Look for anything that stands out, good or bad. Does the property have an interesting design feature? How is the curb appeal, does it look good as you drive up the street? 

Closely examine every room and make a note of the key features, and things that might need fixing. You might even try to put a cost on each of these improvements.

Ask yourself are there fixtures or fittings that add to the appeal? 

Is there any work that you’d need to do to make the property more attractive? 

Check out the neighbourhood. Spend a little time driving around to make sure all of the roads are in good shape. 

Examine the nearby properties and record how long it takes to reach local schools and transportation links.

Finally, book a professional building inspection. Don’t rely on your inspection alone. There may be structural issues that you can’t see.

There are so many things to know – but you are not Robinson Crusoe there are many who have been through this before and there is a step by step way to make sure you don’t miss things you should be aware of.

If you would like to learn more about the step by step process visit our Facebook Group where we teach each of the steps to get you to Your Property Success.